Hypocrite, moi?

I’ve had to accept over the years that there is an undeniable element of harmless hypocrisy in the teacher’s calling. I, for example, after spending much of my morning penalizing students for forgetting their homework, spent a good amount of my planning period roaming the halls of the school tracing down my own lost items and taking care of things I’d neglected for a couple days already. I make up for this hypocrisy, to some degree, by cutting some slack to students more than most teachers in the area of organization and in the occasional forgetting of deadlines, papers, books, and such. But I can only do so much of that before it becomes a disservice. I mean, surely there are some parts of my life that I’d love for my students to emulate, but that area isn’t one. I don’t want them grow up just like me, just kinda like me.
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