Political Genius: Me

If I was in charge of either the Bush or Kerry campaigns, I’d take the road less travelled and not say anything until oh, about October or so. This strategy would have two possible outcomes, both very good:

A) Since the large majority of Americans don’t pay any attention to the candidates’ drivel until a month before the election anyway, millions of dollars would be saved by just shutting up until people are listening.

B) For those political junkies who do pay attention, hearing only one candidate, incessantly, for the next 8 months would undoubtedly make everyone sick of him, thus making the silent candidate look like a genius by comparison come October.

I offer this advice freely to both candidates; I won’t even take a consulting fee, especially if we’re lucky enough to have both candidates take me up on it. I’d consider it my little contribution to making America a better place.

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