Cognitive Dissonance Today

So their is no liberal bias in the American press. Anyone who says their is such a thing is clearly deluded, right? Take comfort, in that this lack of liberal bias extends to religious stories as well. I was reading about the appointment of the Franciscan Fr. Sean O’Malley to be the new Archbishop of Boston.

Here, the Associated Press shows it’s neutrality by implying that a Catholic Archbishop who is loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church is suspect as a “conservative” and therefore uncommited to healing the damage done by the sex scandals in the Boston Archdiocese:

The Rev. Richard McBrien, a liberal theologian at the University of Notre Dame, said despite all the kudos O’Malley has won for his response to sex abuse, he is still a conservative priest who would be “uncritically loyal to the Holy See and would not veer one millimeter from its policies and teachings on anything.”

The quotation may be true to the context of Fr. McBrien’s remarks, or it may not. It could very well be that Fr. McBrien was “Dowdified”. Either way the implication is outrageous.

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