Top Five Movie Fights of All Time:

5. “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon” – Victor McGlaglen beats up a whole squad of soldiers, then buys them a drink, then commences to beat them up a second time.

4. “Hooper” – Classic bar fight, in which so many guys get thrown out the window, the last guy throws himself out, just for drill. Features Burt Reynolds and Terry Bradshaw. As campy as campy can get.

3. “Blazing Saddles” – Cowboys, Nazis, Dancers, Alex Karras, and a Pie Fight. ‘Nuff said.

2. “The Quiet Man” – John Wayne and Victor McGlaglen in a brawl that goes from one side of the county to the other; they actually have to take a break so that people from the next town over can be bussed over to watch.

1. “The Presidio” – Not a good movie, but Sean Connery beats up a biker thug in a bar using only his left thumb (“The right one is far to powerful for the likes of you”). Worth the price of admission.

Honorable Mentions:

“McClintock” – An all out brawl in a water-filled mining pit. Mostly I chose it for the line “I’m not gonna hit ya. No, I’m not gonna hit ya. Like hell I’m not.”

“Heartbreak Ridge” – Another brawl in a mining pit. Not a great scene, but I thought Clint Eastwood should be somewhere on the list.

Did I miss anything?

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