This is unconscionable.

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Yahoo Inc. supplied personal information to Beijing authorities on a Chinese dissident who was sentenced to a harsh prison term, according to a press freedom group. Reporters Without Borders said Wednesday that cyber-dissident Li Zhi, who was given an eight-year prison sentence in December 2003, was convicted based on electronic records that Yahoo provided to the government, citing a plea by Li’s lawyer, Zhang Sizhi.

Yahoo wasn’t immediately available to comment.

I’ll bet they weren’t available for comment. There’s nothing in the world they could possible come up with to justify this.

I use Yahoo for internet access, domain registration, and web hosting. If this story is accurate, by all that is right, I should dump them. But is there another provider who isn’t equally spineless? Does my continued use of Yahoo give aid and comfort to the evil¬†bastards who run the PRC? What now?


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