There is an increasingly fascinating discussion on religion going on between my former college roomies and myself. It is going on partly via email, and partly via the posts and comments on this here lil’ blog. I’m going to make it a regular feature for as long as it lasts.

This group of men have been my friends for 20 years. It has been said that a friend is a person that knows everything about you, and still likes you; while family is made up of those people who will always take you in, no matter what. That makes these guys both friend and family to me.

I can’t decide whether to refer to us as the Shirttail Gang (based on our habit of going around campus untucked, in our mid-80′s, non-fashion-conscious manner), the Guilford Hall Debating Society (based on our dormitory and favorite activity . . . okay, second or third favorite activity), or the Jefferson Street Posse (based on the really cool grey house on Jefferson where we all lived for a while, which is now a parking lot). I’ll either alternate between all three, or get a group consensus and go with that.

By way of introductions, the members of the group are as follows:

Dr. J.W. Bray, Quaker. Genius, economist, and the holder of the highest academic degree out of the group.

J.S. Nunn, Episcopalian. Newspaper editor, raconteur, holder of the World Record for the most consecutive playings of Pat Metheny’s “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls”. album.

C.R. Harris IV, Unaffiliated. Poet, black belt, photographer extraordinaire, and tallest member of the society.

J. Gogick, Russian Orthodox cum nondenominational Protestant. Newspaper editor, mystic, gnome, provocateur.

D. J. Walkerman, Catholic. Schoolteacher, attorney, slacker/underachiever/moron, Okie.

Join us, won’t you, as we test the limits of religion, philosophy, and b.s. here on our little corner of cyber-blogger-space-o-sphere.

It will either be a fascinating discussion for the ages, or a literary trainwreck. Either way, you don’t want to miss it.

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