Fr. Hamilton requested that I give some rationale for my support of Cdl. Appiah Turkson of Ghana.

First, he’s young. Younger even than John Paul the Great was when he was elected. I reject as silly this notion that we “need” an old Pope because JPG reigned too long, and we need to transition to a shorter papacy. What nonesense. One of the JPG’s greatest legacies will be his vitality and energy. Why is this all of the sudden a bad thing for the new Pope?

Second, he’s is from Africa, and I think it’s time for another African Pope. Call me crazy but the gap of roughly 1,800 years is ready to bridged. The African continent, despite being the great hotbed of Catholic growth, could rightly feel as if it were ignored by the Church at large. Also, I just love the idea of a Pope with black skin, if only to give a poke in the eye to ignorant racists worldwide.

Finally, he’s cut from the same cloth as John Paul. He speaks six languages, has intellectual credentials, and is faithful to the teachings of the Church.

Here’s a recent quote:

“The church needs a leader who’ll be as true to its teachings as possible, even if it’s the minority view. The church doesn’t survive by itself. It’s God, it’s Jesus who saves us. So it’s His will which we recognise. And that can be a minority view and be rejected and be opposed.”

Can’t beat that, my friends.

Here’s a link to a recent BBC interview with the Cardinal.

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