With the passing of the Pope, I fear, we’ve lost the last sane man. By that I mean we no longer have a public figure who we can count on to be a beacon of reasonableness in what can only be called an insane world.

Even people who disagree with what he believed have to admit that at very least he was consistent and faithful to his core beliefs. And I defy you to produce another public figure in our lifetime who had put more effort, thought, meditation, prayer, and brain-sweat into figuring out what the truth is. I can’t come up with one, can you?

For me personally, it is like losing a guardian angel. I didn’t have the personal knowledge of his day to day existence, except through the media, but nevertheless his untiring activity somehow providentially provided for my entrance into the Church. His writings, his love, his prayers, and his faithfulness are always there to nudge me back to the right path when I want to pack it in and implode into a little ball of self. That’s his legacy to me.

I don’t really care who becomes the next Pope. Good Pope or bad, the Church keeps chugging along through history, doing what it is supposed to do. To have had one of the finest men to ever live as Pope for 26 years has been a blessing the world might not see again for some time. We who lived during his reign will be looked at by history as one of the most fortunate generations in recent history. I hope we’ll end up being worthy of his memory.

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