A Brilliant Light In A Dark Corner Of The Blogosphere

I’ve read a fair amount of post-election reactions from democrats, on a variety of blogs/news sites/message boards. It has been almost exclusively in the form of calling Bush voters names like stupid, ignorant, redneck, idiot and the like. It has been the antithesis of the openmindedness and tolerance that supposedly characterizes the liberal democrat.And then, like a cool drink of water after a spell in the desert, comes this post from a blogger named Andrew. If we all had this sense of balance, fairness, and charity, the political discourse in this country would be salutary, not viral. If the Democrats had run an candidate with these qualities, I would have given serious consideration to voting for him or her.

Please, read the whole thing. Here’s a taste:

Our error is that we Democrats are far less understanding than we think we are. Our version of understanding the other side is to look at them from a psychological point of view while being completely unwilling to take their arguments seriously. “Well, he can’t help himself, he’s a right-wing religious zealot, so of course he’s going to think like that.” “Republicans who never served in war are hypocrites to send young men to die. ” “Republicans are homophobes, probably because they can’t deal with their secret desires.” Anything but actually listening and responding to the arguments being made.

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