It’s All About Me

Since blogging by its very nature is somewhat an act of benign narcissism, I will indulge that narcissism today, at the suggestion of a friend, and do a 10 Things You Don’t Know About Dave list.1. I’ve been a junior in college at least three times.

2. I was at one time a state chairman of the 3rd largest political party in America.

3. The first record I ever owned was an EP recording of the Banana Splits, featuring the classic tune “Doin’ The Banana Split”, which, oddly enough, was written and produced by late great Barry White.

4. My first job was pumping gas, back before the proliferation of self-serve gas stations.

5. In high school, I was runner-up in the voting for “Class Clown”.

6. I am a member of the United States Chess Federation, and am arguably the worst chess player in that entire organization.

7. My birthday falls on the anniversary of both the end of the American Revolutionary War and the beginning of the Second World War.

8. When I was in first grade, my life’s ambition was to become a Harlem Globetrotter.

9. I have had bylines in two different newspapers, one of which is now defunct. I don’t think there’s a connection there, but I can’t be sure.

10. I am named after a misdemeanor.

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