Fair’s Fair

I busted John Kerry for this the other week, so I’m going to call out GWB for doing something similar.
This article details how three women (schoolteachers, too!) were kicked out of a Bush rally for wearing t-shirts with the highly incendiary and subversive message “Protect Our Civil Liberties”.
Dear Lord, what has this country come to? People who are in favor of not killing babies and not squelching civil liberties are unwelcome at events featuring the two main presidential candidates? How is anyone supposed to take either man seriously when these things happen?I’m afraid it just won’t do to blame either incident on overzealous staffers, either. If a man can’t keep his campaign workers from acting like fascists, how on earth is he going to prevent people in his administration from doing the same?

What a depressing day this is.

That buzzing sound you’re hearing is Ben Franklin spinning in his grave.

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