In Case You Were Wondering:

What I’ve been reading:

* CS Lewis and the Catholic Church by Joseph Pearce. Fascinating study by an excellent biographer.
* Triumph by HW Crocker III. A very readable and entertaining history of the Church.
* God and the World by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and Peter Seewald. A sequel, of sorts, to Salt of the Earth, this is a book-length interview of the Cardinal. I wish everyone who buys in to the stereotypes about Cdl. Ratzinger would read this book. He is a man that cannot be stereotyped. He is a brilliant, thoughtful, gentle, saintly man. There�s not a person alive who couldn�t benefit from something in this book.

What I’ve been listening to:

* “The”. An all girl band from Japan. Very basic, garage-band type rock and roll. I loves it.
* Masters of Classical Music: Giuseppe Vivaldi. My 6th graders really like this one. Which is good, because I forced them to listen to it for about a week.
*  Vince Guaraldi. “Linus and Lucy Theme” is the song everyone knows, but his whole body of jazz work is terrific. I just learned that he wrote a Mass, that was recorded as The Grace Cathedral Concert. I’m going to have to find it now.

What I’ve been watching:

* Mythbusters. Two scientists try to prove or disprove myths like “Using a cellphone at a gas station causes explosions”, or “Eating six packs of Poprocks and drinking six cokes will make your stomach explode”. The cool thing about this show is no matter how the experiments turn out, they usually end up blowing something up, just for kicks. Usually comes on Discovery Channel on Sunday Evenings.
* Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. A former Hanna Barbera cartoon superhero gets a law degree and defends other cartoon characters. Hilarious. Not necessarily a family show, however. Comes on late Sunday night on Cartoon Network.
*  Ganbare. Weekly highlight show from the J-League (Japan’s top soccer league). I know, none of you care about that, but you SHOULD!

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