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The DaveTown Oklahoma Voter’s Guide

President: I’m sorry, but no matter what you think of George Bush, John Kerry is simply one of the worst human beings to ever run for the office, and there is no way in the world, apart from a direct … Continue reading

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What If He Promised A Flat Tax?

Fr. Sibley reports on a pressing and relevant question concerning the intersection of faith and politics: Could a Catholic vote for the antichrist?

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Fair’s Fair

I busted John Kerry for this the other week, so I’m going to call out GWB for doing something similar. This article details how three women (schoolteachers, too!) were kicked out of a Bush rally for wearing t-shirts with the … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering:

What I’ve been reading: * CS Lewis and the Catholic Church by Joseph Pearce. Fascinating study by an excellent biographer. * Triumph by HW Crocker III. A very readable and entertaining history of the Church. * God and the World … Continue reading

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Things I’m Thankful For Today

For no particular reason, I feel like listing some things I’m thankful for today, just off the top of my head: There will be no more Presidential debates for another four years I can read Ragweed levels are plummeting in … Continue reading

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Here’s Something To Think About . . .

. . . while you’re filling out your ballot in a couple of weeks: “The most improper job of any man . . . is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, least of all … Continue reading

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Speaking of P.J. O’Rourke . . .

. . . as we (kinda) were yesterday, he has a terrific column in the latest Weekly Standard. It’s a list of things GWB should say in the final debate with John Kerry. My favorite is 7: “You say that … Continue reading

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An Article Just For Me . . .

. . . and maybe for you, too. If you’re like me and seriously considering boycotting the ballot box this year because the choices are so depressingly mediocre, read Benjamin Wiker’s article in Crisis this month entitled “Why You Must … Continue reading

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John Kerry Stands For Tolerance And Freedom . . .

. . .as long as you agree with him. If not, you get your signs confiscated and you get escorted out of a public event by armed men, even though you bought a ticket and didn’t pose any conceivable threat … Continue reading

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If you have a loved one who suffers from depression, and you are often finding yourself frustrated or impatient with them for not just “snapping out of it” or “getting over it”, then I urge you to go to this … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Incongruities, version 4.0

Every now and then I notice an odd pairing or grouping of books on my shelves. This is totally serendipitous, as I have absolutely no order to my book collection whatsoever. Several of the groupings are good for a laugh, … Continue reading

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Hypocrite, moi?

I’ve had to accept over the years that there is an undeniable element of harmless hypocrisy in the teacher’s calling. I, for example, after spending much of my morning penalizing students for forgetting their homework, spent a good amount of … Continue reading

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Let me do a little translating for you:George Bush: “My opponent is a tax and spend liberal; I’m a compassionate conservative” translation: “I’m going to spend as much as Kerry would, but I’m going to lower taxes first, so we … Continue reading

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