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Am I to understand that there are actually people out there who, voluntarily, are watching the Democratic National Convention? I mean, I can understand it if it’s your job or something, but without direct coercion or fear of losing one’s … Continue reading

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Stephanie Digs Baseball

In addition to her very entertaining “Finally A Winner”, Stephanie has also just started a baseball blog called “The Road Trip Never Ends”. If you like baseball, I highly recommend it, as she knows lots more about baseball than anybody … Continue reading

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This kid . . .

This kid makes me proud to be an American

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Jenna Gives The Press Some Love

Ya gotta love this girl: Jenna gives some love to the press. Photo from Washington Post

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Asimov Would Be Proud

At one time or another, I think we all ask ourselves, “Gee, where can I see some funky old-school break-dancin’ robots?” Well, this is your lucky day. Search no more.

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I Hate Google Ads

You know, in the last week I’ve written about Dick Cheney, the Tour de France, German techno music, Saturday Night Live, and Bobby Fischer. Did THAT change my google ads? No. They are STILL pointing to ads promoting Voldemort for … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Random Notes: I’ve been watching the Tour de France the last two weeks. Did you know when one of the front running riders falls or gets a flat tire, his competitors will slow down and let him recover and/or repair … Continue reading

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Get On The Bandwagon!

Stephanie is stepping up to the plate: .

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Dave For Vice-President

So, the rumor is that Dick Cheney is getting dropped from the 2004 GOP ticket. If this is so, I’d like to throw my hat in the ring to replace him. Here, then, are my qualifications as I see them. … Continue reading

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Help Me . . . Won’t Somebody Please Help Me?!

I’ve had a disturbing uptick in my summer vacation productivity in the last week or so. Rather than continue with my stay up all night sleep all day quiescent lifestyle (mandated by the teacher’s union, by the way), I’ve been … Continue reading

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I CAN’T STAND THIS! The Google ads at the top of my blog keep advertising for poli tical parties I hate! OK. Must fool Google. Must . . . change . . . ads . . . Tahiti. Tahiti. Hawaii … Continue reading

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