Whiter Politics?

Politics Seesaw

I’m going back and forth constantly about whether or not I want to follow politics. Part of me thinks it is vital to be current on the events that shape our lives. Part of me thinks it makes no difference, because all politicians are the same and there’s no need to think any of them are going to do anything extreme, either for good or bad simply, because to do so would be inexpedient.

Part of me enjoys the train-wreck aspect of it; part of me is sickened by same. .

Part of me is depressed by the spectacle of politicians fawning for the cameras, trotting out their same tired old lies; part of me is sickened by the reporters who cover it like a sporting event or gladiatorial contest. Oh, wait, I’m not conflicted much by that part.

Part of me feels a civic duty to be fully informed so I can take seriously the sacred duty to vote. Part of me mocks that other part of me for being such a sucker as to think my vote has any meaning.

Part of me grieves that most people let their views on politics be influenced by David Letterman and Jon Stewart. Part of me really thinks they’re hilarious.


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