Top Five Anti-Resolutions, ’04 Style

Anti-Resolutions, ’04 Style

It just seems easier to resolve not to do things in the coming year. I can’t remember the last time I actually carried out a New Year’s Resolution, so without further eloquence, I give you the much more accessible 2004 New Year’s Anti-Resolutions:

1. I will not run for public office this year.

2. I will not give up something for Lent that I don’t even enjoy in the first place.

3. I will not campaign for Howard Dean. Or Wes Clark. Or any of those other guys.

4. I will not turn 40 in September with any modicum of grace or dignity.

and, finally,

5. I will absolutely, positively NOT take a job with a law firm. Unless it pays really well. And doesn’t require a whole lot of long hours. Or lots of legal knowledge.

And this year, I MEAN IT!

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