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Who needs reality shows? We’ve got AP or ONION! Don’t forget, today’s winner advances to the yearly Tournament of Champions. Here we go, AP or Onion: HORMEL FIGHTS TO DEFEND SPAM NAME

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Today’s Observation From Left Field

Today’s Observation From Left Field I really miss Del’s Lemonade. I just found out you can now order the dry mix direct from Del’s and make your own at home. I’m going to try it, but I’m not sure it … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert Gets His Game On

Nobody writes a better scathing film review than Roger Ebert. As proof I submit his thoughts on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. If you want to read the greatest movie review ever written, click on the “search” link of the … Continue reading

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It’s time once again for America’s answer to “Banzai”: AP or Onion? We’re ready for today’s headline, and remember, today’s winner advances to our bonus round, where prizes are doubled: Israelis, Palestinians Agree To Share Headline Is it AP . … Continue reading

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AP or Onion: Episode II OK, it’s time for another round of “AP or Onion?”, america’s fasting growing quiz sensation. Ready? Hands on buzzers then, here we go: Palestinians Outlaw Violent Groups This is a tough one, I know.

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It’s time for a new feature here on DaveTown: AP or Onion? Here’s how we play: I give you the headline, you decide if it’s the venerable American newsgathering organization Associated Press or internet news-parody pioneer The Onion OK, ready … Continue reading

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NOT An Oxymoron

Libertarians for Life Libertarians are a minority in this country. Pro-Life Libertarians are a reeeealy small minority of libertarians. My contrarian instincts make me suspect that this in itself supports their arguments. Look here for a healthy dose of good … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day, everyone.

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Cognitive Dissonance Today

So their is no liberal bias in the American press. Anyone who says their is such a thing is clearly deluded, right? Take comfort, in that this lack of liberal bias extends to religious stories as well. I was reading … Continue reading

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