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Cognitive Dissonance Today

I Swear I Thought This Was An Onion Story! Sadly, it is not. In related news, LeBron James has legally changed his name to “Nike Presents LeBron James”

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This Just In:

One followed by a whole bunch of zeroes is now officially known as a “gigamegabajillialottamuchion”. In case you were wondering.

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Cognitive Dissonance Today

Pat Leahy wants the President to pick Supreme Court justices who are not “controversial” or “ideological” (which I read to mean he wants justices who are “not in favor of limited, constitutional government” and “not opposed to the large scale … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

A REMINDER FOR ALL YOU KIDS: (This brief list was inspired by a few hours of television viewing. Lots of false messages being sent by lots of TV shows. As a public service, I present the following list of things … Continue reading

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