I have no comment about Iraq, the Space Shuttle, the Economy, Human Cloning, or Judicial Nominations; more qualified people are saying all that needs to be said. I don�t have an opinion about the final season of “Friends”, the next “Survivor”, or whether Joe Millionaire will ever find a woman. I have no emotional involvement in the success or failure of Yao Ming, the presence of absence of instant replay in college basketball, the quality of refereeing in the NFL, or whether or not Pete Rose ever gets in the Hall of Fame.

What is on my mind?

� Why is it an accepted practice to murder fetuses? Why are those who oppose this practice ridiculed, while ones who advocate it seen as freedom fighters?

* What will be the outcome of the inevitable advance in government surveillance of our private lives? Moderate increases, practiced in good faith, for the increase of National Security, or an Orwellian police state?

* Will the leadership of the Catholic Church be able to rein in those who by their active dissent are trying to dilute Catholicism out of existence?

* Finally, will we ever figure out that there is a whole list of things that were meant to serve us that we have become slaves to? The expression “fire is a good servant, but a poor master” could very easily be applied to a host things that are good in and of themselves but are misused horribly by most of us. Let’s start the list with television, credit cards, and sex.

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