I can’t see that Barack Obama has much going for him that qualifies him for the presidency. That’s not an insult, it’s just an observation. It’s the same observation I made about GWB when he came on the scene. What makes either man qualified? Nothing in particular. That’s become clear with the current president. With Mr. Obama, so far nothing is exactly jumping out at me and screaming “presidential material” either.

Again, I don’t mean this to demean him as a person. I don’t see much in anybody in public life that qualifies them to be president. All I see are people who have ambition toward power; this in itself disqualifies them automatically. All I see are people who think the government is the most important vehicle for making society better. This too disqualifies them. All I see are people who don’t have any concept, whatsoever, of limited government. The idea of limited government is the bedrock of American political philosophy, keep in mind. That no one seriously champions the concept in all of Washington DC (apart from Ron Paul, and how many of you have even heard of him?) disqualifies just about everyone in that town.

So, unless a miracle occurs, we’ll again be stuck without a good candidate to lead our government, as we have been for the last twenty years or so. Great – how encouraging.

But, having said that, Mr. Obama seems like a decent, honest human being; and if he keeps Hilary Clinton out of the White House, I’ll vote for him out of simple gratitude.

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