The headline this morning read: Bush To Announce Iraq Plan Wednesday

That’s where I quit reading.

Is there anyone in the White House who is even remotely in touch with planet earth? Is it not completely obvious this is a transparent attempt to perform political CPR? Is there anyone in this country (or for that matter, any other country you care to name) who believes this “plan” is anything but Public Relations horseapples?

(I’ve always wanted to use ‘horseapples’ in a sentence like that)

I’ll be glad to apologize profusely if it turns out there really is a fantastic new plan in the works, and the timing of the announcement has nothing to do with poll numbers or a newly-sworn-in Democratic Congress.

But I’d also bet the ranch no apology will be necessary.

It’s not so much the incompetence – the fact is I’ve come to expect that from the Executive Branch. It’s the patronization that galls. There needs to be a cabinet-level position for someone whose only job is to give reality checks to the President; tell him he’s being transparent and shallow. Secretary of Nonsense, or something like that.

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