I’m disgusted by the garish display self-celebration Nancy Pelosi has made this week. A “victory tour”? Lavish dinners? Waving the gavel in the air while surrounded by her grandchildren, in front of the Speaker’s chair? Proclaiming herself the “Most Powerful Woman In America? Being Photographed with a whip?

Lady, you’re just the Speaker of the House. You’re not Miss America, the Queen of England, and the Blessed Virgin Mary all wrapped up into one neat package, okay? You’re a public servant. S-e-r-v-a-n-t. Get it? You’re there to administer parliamentary procedure, not sit upon a throne and throw us peasants morsels now and then in some twisted 21st Century noblesse oblige.

Oh, you’re a woman speaker. Ah, I see now.

Say, here’s a thought: maybe it would do a lot more for the cause of women in this country if you acted like it was no big deal; a natural, plausible, inevitable thing. You know, instead of acting like you’re Lincoln freeing the slaves or something.

Please, for all of our sakes, get over yourself and stop acting like a newly crowned empress. You’re a member of Congress. In the history of our country, it’s a not exactly a given that this makes you a great statesman (sorry, statesperson), sage, and hero.

You’re embarrassing yourself and us. Just do your job.

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