From good Fr. Tucker comes the Random Playlist of the Week idea.

The idea is to put your iPod (or the non-Apple media player of your choice) on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. Don’t cheat just because you’re embarrassed your Osmond Brothers song came up, or anything lame like that.

Then again, who’s gonna know?

Here’s mine:

  1. Wanna B Ur Lovr – Weird Al Yankovic
  2. Mao Reminisces – Camper Van Beethoven
  3. Gloria – Van Morrison
  4. All Blues – Miles Davis
  5. Livin’ in the USA – Steve Miller
  6. Cracker Soul – Cracker
  7. She’s Crafty – Beastie Boys
  8. Oliver Cromwell – Monty Python
  9. Tomorrow – Me First & the Gimme Gimmes
  10. I Am The Owl – Dead Kennedys
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