So, the Republican party got what it so richly deserved, a trip to the electoral woodshed. They deserved it because they’d become arrogant, corrupt, and out-of-touch with their base. They have abandoned the concepts of fiscal responsibility and limited government that were their only reason for existence. They insulted their Evangelical and Catholic support by dangling pro-life legislation in front of them like a carrot in front of a mule, then jerking the carrot away when the mule was no longer of any use. They made huge errors of judgement in the war on terror, and frittered away the support of the post September 11 world. They deserved what they got yesterday.

What do we get in return? Democrats in charge of Congress. Democrats. A party that ran on a completely negative platform (we hate Bush), and that hasn’t had an original thought on governance since the New Deal. A party that believes you don’t pay enough in taxes, and that you’re not smart enough or moral enough to decide what to do with the money you earn for a living. A party that panders to any person’s view of morality, no matter how skewed and corrupt, simply for the goal of attaining more power. A party that thinks John Kerry and Al Gore were good choices for president, and that Nancy Pelosi would make a fine Speaker of the House.

Talk about a pyrrhic victory for the United States.

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