Epictetus, again:

It is for you then, to look to the faculties you possess, and considering them to say, “Zeus, send me what trial thou wilt; for I have endowments and resources, given me by thee, to bring myself honor through what befalls.” Nay, instead, you sit trembling for fear of what may happen, or lamenting, mourning, and groaning for what does happen, and then you reproach the gods. What else but impiety indeed can attend upon so ignoble a spirit as yours?

And yet God not only gave us these faculties, which will enable us to bear all the issue of events without being humiliated or broken down by it, but, as became a good king and a true father, he gave us this gift free from all let or hindrance or compulsion – nay, he put it wholly in our hands, not even leaving himself any power to let or hinder us. Yet possessing these powers in freedom for your own, you refuse to use them and will not realize what gifts you have received and from whose hand, but you sit mourning and grieving, some of you blinded to the giver himself, and refusing to recognize your benefactor, and some from meanness of spirit turning to reproaches and complaints against God.

Yet I will show you that you have resources and endowment to fit you for a noble and courageous sprit: show me, if you can, what endowments you have for complaining and reproach.

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