You know, I’ve occasionally thought about being a private home-school teacher; now that it seems like it’s becoming a trend, it may be time to take action. I read this in the NY Times today:

In what is an elite tweak on home schooling — and a throwback to the gilded days of education by governess or tutor — growing numbers of families are choosing the ultimate in private school: hiring teachers to educate their children in their own homes.

The cost for such teachers generally runs $70 to $110 an hour. And depending on how many hours a teacher works, and how many teachers are involved, the price can equal or surpass tuition in the upper echelon of private schools in New York City or Los Angeles, where $30,000 a year is not unheard of.

That would be ideal for me. And, I think, I’d be ideal for it. I’m fairly well-rounded, educationally, and what I couldn’t handle, I could either study-up on, or sub-contract, right?

I wonder if there is a market for private homeschool tutoring in central Okalhoma? What would be the best way to go about finding out? Newspaper advertising seems like it might fit.

Thoughts, anyone?

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