How can a legal trial, which, by its very nature is SCHEDULED AHEAD OF TIME, be considered breaking news?

Also, do you think Saddam’s lawyers got their fees up front?

Bad luck for Saddam, the judge’s first order of business was to deny the former dictator’s request to have the venue changed to Los Angeles County.

It was a nice try, though, you gotta admit.

The defendants are sitting in what appears to be a large baby’s playpen. That’ll teach them to throw a tantrum in court.

Saddam refused to give his name to the judge when asked. Of course, when the judge asked Saddam to give his name, he referred to him as “Mr. Saddam”.

This is going to be great. I hope CourtTV does a nightly reenactment, like they did with the Michael Jackson trial. Jamie Farr could play Saddam. Not that he looks a lot like Saddam, but it’d just be nice to see him working again. Oh, and the judge? Yeah, he’s Kurdish. You remember the Kurds, right? They’re the people who Saddam attacked with POISON GAS . . . Perry Mason couldn’t get the boy off the hook at this point. Clarence Frickin’ Darrow couldn’t get the man acquitted. Johnnie Cochran . . . were he not deceased, would have a shot. No one else, though.

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