I didn’t realize Elinor had tagged me to do this Book Meme thing about three weeks ago. For some reason her RSS feed on bloglines does not work for me, so I forget to check her blog now and then. But, anyway, better late than never. Here goes:

1. Total number of books I’ve owned. Right now I have roughly 800 books. In my life I’ve probably owned about 1,000. I rarely get rid of books (which is one of the reasons the thought of moving makes me shudder).

2. Last book I bought. Budget restrictions have made me a library rat recently, so I had to really think about this one. But, I believe it was Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. I highly recommend it, by the way. It is almost a must read for those who have no background in the field.

3. Last book I read. Guide for the Perplexed by E.F. Schumacher. Great book.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me.

5. Tag five bloggers to do this meme. Shelly, Randy, Fr. Shane, Fr. Hamilton, Fr. JC

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