You might think I’d be posting more, now that I ostensibly have nothing to do to fill my days. The life of a teacher in summer is supposedly one of leisure and ease. But let me tell you, vacation is no, uh, vacation. My days are full. I have to watch Imus In The Morning on MSNBC (albeit around noon, on Tivo), I have to get caught up on all my blogs (use bloglines, fast, easy and convenient; not a paid endorsement), then, I have to make coffee (not having my first hour English class around to do it for me has been tough, as you can imagine). After this, I have to make sure there isn’t any compelling soccer on television because if there is, well, you know, I have to watch it (and, often write about it). Then, and only then, can I think about DaveTown. Add in the fact that my goal is to write 1,000 words a day on a novel I’m working on, and reasonably enough, sometimes, blogging gets pushed to the side.

I’m only one man, I’M ONLY ONE MAN!

Cut me some slack here, people.

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