I just heard a Democrat legislator from Florida, on MSNBC, have the GALL to say that he was concerned about Big Government interfering with Terri Schiavo’s life.

Democrats in this country want Big Government to do EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY. They want to tell you how to eat, how to spend your money, what car to drive, you name it. But they DON’T want B.G. to save the life of an innocent lady who is about to be starved to death by her husband, with the full cooperation of the Florida judiciary and Florida law enforcement apparatus.

Starved. To. Death.

I keep hearing the phrase “extraordinary measures”. Feeding someone and giving them water is not an extraordinary measure.

Look, let me give you my advance directive now, just so you know what to do if I ever wind up in a situation like poor dear Terri.

First. Feed me. Okay? That’s not tough. Feed me. Every meal. It’s the least you can do for me if you love me.

Second. Really, feed me and don’t stop. If it starts getting expensive, I promise to pay you back when I come back to the point where I can talk and move and all that. I promise. If I never get to that point, keep in mind, I would do the same for you.

Third. Love me. Don’t abandon me and keep my parents, my friends, and my PRIEST, for the love of God, away from me.

Fourth. Whatever you do, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, are you to take me to @#$%& Florida.

Okay, we clear now?

That’s not unreasonable is it?

Oh, one more thing. At some point during my convalescence, go find Michael Schiavo and punch him in the neck for me. And kick his lawyer in the groin.

Thank you for concern in this matter.

God have mercy on us all.

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