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Poetry Corner

Winston had a large black dog It followed him about While Winston slept It chased his dreams Or lay there round and stout It licked his face It bit his hand It growled It snarled It smelt It gnawed away … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager: Why Democrats are tagged as the party without values

I’ve never read Mr. Prager’s work before, but he is uncommonly concise and readable. By all means, go read this column.

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A Brilliant Light In A Dark Corner Of The Blogosphere

I’ve read a fair amount of post-election reactions from democrats, on a variety of blogs/news sites/message boards. It has been almost exclusively in the form of calling Bush voters names like stupid, ignorant, redneck, idiot and the like. It has … Continue reading

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It’s All About Me

Since blogging by its very nature is somewhat an act of benign narcissism, I will indulge that narcissism today, at the suggestion of a friend, and do a 10 Things You Don’t Know About Dave list.1. I’ve been a junior … Continue reading

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(shodn-froid) n. Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

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Three Classic Blunders

With apologies to William Goldman: Never get involved in a land war in Asia Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line Never nominate a Massachusetts liberal to run for president

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Kerry Pollster: Bush Has The Advantage

Theses are amazingly candid words from a Kerry pollster on election day.

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Huge Turnout . . .

. . . here in Edmond, America. I spoke to two neighbors this morning, both who were at their polling place at least a half-hour early. The voting area was full. This is unheard of in our precinct.The prinicpal at … Continue reading

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Talk About A ‘Glass Half-Full’ Kinda Guy

“Well, the one benefit of a Kerry victory is it would be the last we’d hear of John Edwards for four years.” – James Taranto

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