Random Notes:

Paris Hilton is publishing a 198 page memoir. Personally, I’m going to wait for the movie version . . . oh, wait . . . never mind.

I missed NBC’s coverage of Olympic water polo. Will someone please explain to me how they get those horses in the pool?

School started this week. I’m teaching 6th grade this year, after one year of teaching 7th grade. The difference in attitude between those age groups is tremendous. I’ll leave it to you to decide if that’s good or bad.

I don’t know how you folks who work an entire 12 months out of the year can do it. Frankly I’m exhausted already. I’m also sunburnt; coaching 7th grade football has exposed me to more sunlight in the first week than I got over the entire summer break. My nose looks like a cherry tomato.

I write a weekly column for 3rd Degree, which is a website dedicated to the Dallas Burn, a Major League Soccer team (the team will soon be renamed FC Dallas, but that’s a different story). Normally the column consists of me watching that week’s match on television, and writing about it in my normal engaging and witty manner (ahem). This week however, I’m actually going to Big D to watch the match in person, and, thanks to the good folks in the Dallas Burn front office, I’m getting my first-ever press credential. Sweet. I feel so grown-up.

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