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“Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Mrs. Blue”

Republicans Work Hard to be as Clueless as Democrats Effort Seen as Success, Experts Say.

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Random Notes:

Paris Hilton is publishing a 198 page memoir. Personally, I’m going to wait for the movie version . . . oh, wait . . . never mind. I missed NBC’s coverage of Olympic water polo. Will someone please explain to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

You can pretty much take any issue and say that Kerry has gone on record as supporting your personal beliefs on that issue – regardless of which side you are arguing for. – Brian I sure do wish I’d said … Continue reading

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If you’re only going to read one blog post about the Olympics (and really, that sounds reasonable), make it this one.

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Today’s News That Gives Me Hope for the Future:

Zorak is having a lil’ mantis!

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Quote of the Day

“The dynamics that make modern schooling poisonous to healthy human development aren’t difficult to spot: the work in classrooms isn’t significant work; it fails to satisfy real needs pressing on the individual; it doesn’t answer real questions experience raises in … Continue reading

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My Way News

I’ve always heard that “the wheels of justice grind slow”, but this is ridiculous.

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Real Debates

Here’s a modest proposal.If we simply must have presidential debates, and it seems we must (they’ve become as much a part of the national landscape as reality TV, unfortunately), then let’s have real debates. No panel of “journalists”, no group … Continue reading

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