Am I to understand that there are actually people out there who, voluntarily, are watching the Democratic National Convention? I mean, I can understand it if it’s your job or something, but without direct coercion or fear of losing one’s livelihood? Really?I’d rather be poked in the eye with a shish-kabob skewer, given Tobasco eye drops, and kicked really hard in the groin by a really big guy wearing golf shoes.

Don’t worry, I’m bi-partisan in this regard. I’m equally adverse to watching the Republican convention. But still, I can barely watch brief 30 second clips of Kerry/Edwards without nausea. I can’t conceive of what three or four hours of continuous convention coverage would do to me.

What’s worse, is that in sharing this info, I’ll probably guarantee the return of the odious Kedwards blog ads. CURSE YOU, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE!

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