Help Me . . . Won’t Somebody Please Help Me?!

I’ve had a disturbing uptick in my summer vacation productivity in the last week or so. Rather than continue with my stay up all night sleep all day quiescent lifestyle (mandated by the teacher’s union, by the way), I’ve been getting up early and actually doing stuff that could only be described as active.

In the last week, I’ve cut the grass, twice; cleaned out my closet and garage, both of which were nightmarish in their level of clutter and disorder; I’ve kept the kitchen (relatively) clean, and made my bed every morning. Not only that, I’ve actually exercised several times; riding my bike and taking long walks. I’ve even been doing situps and pushups.

My whole point in sharing this is not to brag, but rather to make a plea for help. What is wrong with me? Am I in trouble? Is this a sign I’m cracking up? Should I seek medical attention? I’m frightened.

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