Here’s to a Free China

The night China’s Communist Party died – Opinion –

As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of modern Western Culture, but at least it’s a culture. One that may eventually free 1.3 billion Chinese. Even what we have become is preferable to living under Communism. We are decadent because we choose to be, not because we are not free. In China, the decadence has been top-down. Opression, murder, infanticide, supression of free speech and free religion. You name it.

For example, the abortion culture is even more entrenched in China than it is here. Solely because it has been government policy for such a long time. How will that pan out, when the Chinese people are freed? Since infanticide has been forced on the them unwillingly, my suspicion is that they will quickly abandon it, and will indeed lead the West into valuing all human all life again.

I truly hope that freedom for China will mean a renaissance for both Eastern and Western Culture.

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