Yahoo! News – Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options

Yahoo! News – Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options

This is an answer to the prayers of many parents. Some of my 7th grade students were complaining about getting busted for dress code vioations at school this year. I suggested the possiblity that they actually really did need to dress more modestly. They replied, “You can’t find anything modest in the stores!”

Now I realize if they REALLY wanted to they could dress more modestly, but they have a point, to be sure.

It’s a crime that young girls are being encouraged to dress they way they dress today. It’s scandalous.

This article is encouraging news. I love the kid who wrote the letter to Nordstroms. She’s great.

One of the best nonfiction books of the 90′s was “A Return To Modesty” by a brilliant young college student named Wendy Shalit. I highly recommend it.

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