DaveTown 1% Club

You know how sometimes you meet a person you’ve admired from afar, and they turn out to be disappointing?

This was categorically NOT the case with Mark Shea.

When I was reading everything I could get my hands on about the Catholic Church in the late 90′s, trying to decide if it was in fact the Church I’d been looking for my whole life, one of the most helpful and entertaining reads was Mark’s By What Authority. It was exactly what I needed to know, at exactly the right time in my life. Great book.

So I owe Mark a lot. I’ve also read and enjoyed his blog, Catholic and Enjoying It, which is just as entertaining and informative as his books. And so when I heard he was coming to Norman this weekend to give a series of talks, I decided to venture out of my cave and go hear him, and, hopefully, meet him.

Well I got to do both, even sitting at the same dinner table after his Friday evening talk. He is absolutely one of the funniest, most engaging, most genuinely likeable people I’ve ever met.

And his talks were brilliant. And so, Mark Shea joins Fr. Mitch Pacwa as only the second-ever inductee into the DaveTown 1% Club.

Oh, and let me add a plug for OU Catholics. This is the great group of kids at the University of Oklahoma who were responsible for getting Mark to make the long trek from Seattle. I enjoyed meeting them immensely.

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