I’m not a big golf fan, but I’ll be watching the Masters with interest this week, hoping John Daly will do well. If you’re not familiar with his story, he came out of nowhere to win a major tournament about 10 years ago, and since then has had a very up and down existence, struggling with alcohol, gambling, bad marriages, the whole nine yards. He’s self-destructed on the course a couple times, quit in the middle of tournaments, gone to rehab and returned again, and generally been the very opposite of the stereotypical calm, cool, collected emotionless golf pro. And every once in a while, he gets it all together and plays with brilliance, flair, and style, and people love him for it.

I love him for it too. He’s a real guy, with real self-destructive tendencies that many of us can relate to. He has fought like a lion to overcome himself, to rein in his God-given talent and focus it, and most of all, to not give up in the face of really really depressing circumstances. And he smokes on the golf course, which I appreciate for its iconoclastic value.

If you can’t relate to why I like the guy so much, you’ve obviously not screwed up enough in your life. I congratulate you for that. If you scorn the fact that I like the guy so much because he’s only gotten what he deserves, then you’ve not only not screwed up enough in your life, you’re also way to proud of it and need to get over yourself. Join the ranks of the screw-ups. Chances are you’re already one of us and don’t realize it. It’s not too bad once you face up to it and embrace your screwuppedness. And there’s lots of company. Most of us will be at Augusta National this week, following John Daly around the course, if only in spirit.

If you’re interested in how he’s doing check out the scoreboard at augusta.com

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