Obligatory TPOTC Post

Obligatory TPOTC Post

I haven’t seen The Passion of the Christ yet, and I’m not sure that I’m going to. I’m not sure if I want my imagination taken over by the images of the movie every time I read or contemplate the crucifixion for the rest of my life. That’s not a criticism of the film, or of the idea of making such a film; just a personal concern.

What I don’t understand, though, is the criticism I’ve been coming across that says the film is too violent. This bothers me for two reasons. First, the same people make no fuss when some teen slasher movie comes out. That, it seems, is ok. Or even more ridiculous, to criticize violence in the context of slasher flicks is to be labeled a censor and a prude, even an enemy of the first amendment. Not so when the subject of the film is Jesus. What gives?

Second, and this should be obvious, is that it’s a movie about CRUCIFIXION. Of course it’s too violent. What would you expect? A movie that portrays the torture and execution of Christ without graphic violence, now there’s a target for valid criticism.

One of the things that sustains my faith in Jesus Christ and His Church is that so many people are prejudiced against it. My contrarian nature is constantly reassured by the vehement reaction against any manifestation of Christian faith in our society. These days, anything that “everybody” believes must be true automatically becomes suspect to me. Being contrary isn’t a foolproof nonsense protector, but it sure is a good first line of defense.

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