I tried to come up with some deep thoughts about the Lenten season, but I came up blank. Then I tried to find a spiffy quote from St. Thomas about Lent, but if you search for Aquinas + Lent on google, all you get are articles on usury.

So, as a piece of friendly advice, I’ll just say you ought not worry about what you do or don’t do for Lent as much as you should choose something that will help your soul. For me, it’s getting up early to pray and eating less. Both will help me overcome my tendency to let my bodily desires rule my intellect, instead of vice versa.

Of course, it wouldn’t kill me to get to work on time and lose a few pounds either, but those are just ancillary beneifts. And that’s only if I actually stick with the program. A dubious proposition at best.

So, let us pray for each other, and hold out hope that perhaps we might grow a little this season.

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