The 1% Club

About 99% of the people I’ve ever heard speak in public, or on TV, on any subject of substance, are, unfortunately, idjits. That’s just a sad fact of life. Tonight was different.

Tonight I went to hear Fr. Mitch Pacwa speak at my parish, and he is now the first member of the “DaveTown 1% Club”.

Father gave an outstanding talk on the philosophical roots of the divisions in our society and within our church. He is knowledgeable, witty, relevant and orthodox. He has a book coming out later this year titled “Some Heard Thunder, Some Heard God” which expands the themes of the talk he gave tonight. I’ll be buying it at first opportunity.

If you’d like to nominate someone to be a member of the “DaveTown 1% Club”, send an email to the staff here at DaveTown (well, ok, send an email to me) and we (which is to say, I), will give it serious consideration.

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