Poetry Corner

Thanks to Fr. Jim for posting this poem by St. Augustine, which I shamelessly reproduce here:

Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new, late have I loved Thee!

And, behold, Thou wert within me and I myself on the outside, and it was there that I sought Thee.

And into those lovely things, which Thou madest, All unlovely did I rush.

Thou wert with me, but I was not with Thee.

Those things kept me far from Thee, things that would not exist, unless they were in Thee.

Thou didst call, and shout, and shatter my deafness:

Thou didst sparkle, and shine, and dispel my blindness:

Thou sentest forth Thy fragrance, and I breathed deeply, and now I sigh for Thee:

I tasted, and now do hunger and thirst:

Thou didst touch me, and I burned for Thy peace.

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