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(This brief list was inspired by a few hours of television viewing. Lots of false messages being sent by lots of TV shows. As a public service, I present the following list of things that you might not know if you are young, impressionable, and watch too much TV)

It’s not OK to do anything you want.

It’s OK if you’re not perfect; nobody is.

It’s not OK to believe and act as if you don’t have room for personal growth.

It’s OK to believe in God.

It’s not OK to be a religious bigot.

It’s OK to believe that certain commonly practiced sexual acts are morally wrong. That doesn’t make you hateful or phobic.

It’s not OK to hate, ridicule or abuse a person because of their sexuality.

It’s OK to practice chastity. I use the verb ‘practice’ advisedly.

It’s not OK to pressure someone to have sex if they’re not ready. This is especially true of teenagers, who are, generally speaking, NEVER ready to have sex.

It’s OK to disagree with people on the news, people on MTV, and one or all of the cast of “Friends”. In fact, start from the premise they are in fact wrong, and proceed from there. It’ll save time.

It’s not OK to base your self worth (or your opinion of anyone else’s) based on how many commericals you can point to and say “Have that!”.

Feel free to add some of your own. That’s all for now.

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