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I Heart Peggy

You gotta like that Peggy Noonan. If you’re going to pick a post-modern outrage topic, why not be really, really counter-culture, and choose the killing of innocent babies in utero?

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Bookshelf Incongruities

I was noticing some incongruous groupings of books on my shelves today. Here’s some of the ones I noticed: Selections From Ralph Waldo Emerson is next to Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, which is next to Dante’s Inferno Marva Collins’ … Continue reading

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“What do you want to be anyway [asked Lax]?” “I don’t know; I guess what I want to be is to be a good Catholic.” Lax replied, “What do you mean you want to be a good Catholic? What you … Continue reading

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Lil’ Thomas

Here’s what I scored on the Which Philosopher Are You? quiz: 1. Aquinas (100%) 2. Augustine (85%) 3. Spinoza (82%) 4. Ockham (72%) 5. Mill (61%) 6. Aristotle (60%) 7. Kant (56%) 8. Bentham (52%) 9. Cynics (47%) 10. … Continue reading

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What’s On My Stereo

Gosh, Dave, who have you been listening to lately? (I hear you asking) The Specials Tom Lehrer The Who Trout Fishing in America Arlo Guthrie Bodeans Junior Brown Minutemen Public Enemy Run DMC (Jam Master Jay, R.I.P) Squeeze Rev. Billy … Continue reading

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More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Me

Biographical Info (or, All That David Copperfield Kind of Crap): Born: LeMoore NAS, CA. 3 Sep. 64 Parents: Of Course, What’d You Expect! Current Residence: Edmond, OK, America Education: Self Taught, plus a BS in Elementary Ed (Langston Univ. ’93) … Continue reading

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Book Talk

Thomas Merton: If you haven’t read him, pick up a copy of The Seven Storey Mountain (yes, I spelled storey correctly). Stuff I’m reading: A History of the Circle: Mathematical Reasoning and the Physical Universe Ernest Zebrowski Triumph: The Power … Continue reading

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